The silent engineering.

Ship network and propulsion solutions with unique innovative features.

The E-PP is the core element electric power generation and supply on board a ship for the entire network – independent of voltage and frequency – and the electric ship propulsion. The E-PP consists of a common DC bus which combines generators and consumers via corresponding converters.

The Silent Engineering.

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Real time monitoring and diagnostics with E-RD
If one decides to integrate a comprehensive data collection, storage and evaluation system, like E-RD, one can control – at any time – the commercial and technical status of all onboard systems and components with reference to a common time base.

E-RD creates the prerequisites to optimize ship operation on a large scale in saving not only fuel but also maintenance costs, avoiding unplanned maintenance and down times.

Variable speed and start-stop with E-OP
Operating generating sets with variable speed and without synchronizing the generators is the first step towards low operating costs. The second is the application of a start-stop function – well known from road vehicles – for the drives of the electric power generating sets.

E-PP combined with E-RD and E-OP leads to the best possible onboard power plants and achieves reductions in fuel costs up to 12 percent.

E-RS for shaft generator usage at slow steaming
Slow steaming operation of ships equipped with shaft generators must be evaluated very carefully because the costs for electric power generation may compensate a great part of the reduced fuel consumption of the main engine.

With the application of E-RS these ships can use the shaft generators with all advantages down to very low shaft speeds. No auxiliary generating set must be put into service during the hours of slow steaming. For such cases the powerful retrofit solution E-RS was developed on the basis of E-PP and E-OP.