E-RD Remote Diagnostics

The highly integrated control, diagnosis and forecasting tool for ship operation

E-MS brings the “Internet of Things” on board. The modular structure of our E-RD system provides you with a wide range of innovative and cost-reducing applications based on remote monitoring: They range from remote diagnosis to on-condition maintenance and forecasting of incidents and operating statuses based on the recorded and analyzed data. Optimize all the on-board operations of your fleet from dry land – easily and cost-effectively. As the E-PP already has a high degree of integration, the E-MS engineers were enthusiastic about this step: With the E-RD, we have developed a system, which enables you not only to collect extensive information about the status of all important assemblies on board, digitally and in real-time, but also to analyze this information methodically.

The advantages at a glance

  • Immediate detection of operating faults and system errors – even from dry land
  • Very fast response times for troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of long-term trends
  • Introduction of proactive measures in order to prevent incidents
  • Early avoidance of critical system conditions
  • Low installation costs


Possible examples include the entire generator operation with all attached consumers, as well as nautical data and parameters from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). Or all information from the conventional Noon Report. As the user, you can define the scope of data and analyses collected and access options.


The wide range of data sources enables you to display a variety of visualizations and reports. In order to make this possible, our E-RD correlates all the collected data to produce meaningful and relevant information, which can be retrieved at any time.
Analysis can be carried out at a variety of places: On board, via an Internet connection in the shipping company’s office or directly at E-MS. Of course, in compliance with the strictest data protection provisions.