E-PP Electric Power Pack

The intelligent power generation and supply system for on-board networks

This patented ship`s network and propulsion solution enables ultra-precise regulation of all electrical energy used for the on-board network and propulsion – particularly for outputs with significant, dynamic fluctuations. The E-PP is an intelligent combination of innovative and simultaneously tried-and-tested components from different manufactures based on converter technology.

E-PP components:

  • Power supply from one or more generator systems via IGBT converters on the connecting DC link
  • AC consumers supplied via converters
  • Extended DC link, which connects all converters on the DC side
  • Converter protection system
  • DC coupling system

The advantages at a glance

  • Significantly lower fuel consumption compared to conventional diesel-electric propulsion systems
  • Reduced CO2 – and NOxemissions
  • Big space and weight advantage
  • Minimized noise and vibration
  • High flexibility in terms of electrical power generation
    • Diesel, gas, LNG and/or shaft generators
    • Battery and solar systems
    • Shore power
  • Simple installation
    • Minimized cabling effort
    • Modular components
  • Tried and tested

How it works

For power generation, we use asynchronous generators in combination with converters and a common DC link. Synchronization of diesel generator sets is not required – which is a major advantage compared to conventional three-phase current supply systems. The combustion engines for the generators can be operated at their best possible level of efficiency, according to the power requirement – at any time and at any speed. The E-PP can also be actuated much more quickly than a conventional system: The generators can take care of the load within just a few seconds, as no time is needed for synchronization. This is a clear plus in terms of safety during on-board operation, particularly with extreme fluctuating loads.

A wide variety of power generation options

E-PP does not commit you to energy generation technology for the propulsion system and on-board network. Later retrofits and conversions are no problem.

Diesel, gas or LNG-fueled generators
As a general rule, diesel generators are used to generate electrical energy on board ships. The electrical energy is fed into the DC link via IGBT converters. The IGBT converters decouple the propulsion generator sets from each other. Synchronization of the generators is not required with the E-PP.
Shore power

In the dock, E-PP makes it possible to use shore power, in order to avoid local emissions. It feeds the electrical energy into the DC link via an IGBT converter. Synchronization with the diesel generators is not required. The IGBT converters take an almost sinusoidal current from the grid and cause no harmful current harmonics in the onshore grid.

Solar systems

With the E-PP, electrical energy from solar systems can also be fed into the DC link via DC/DC converters. This energy can be used to cover peak loads or to charge the connected battery systems.

Battery storage systems

Battery banks can be used to cover peak loads in the onboard network and propulsion system. They are connected to the DC link via DC/DC converters.

The E-PP beats all conventional systems

Higher efficiency, higher operating safety, reduced space requirement and lower weight:
Our E-PP is superior to all conventional propulsion systems.

Diesel-mechanical propulsion

Depending on output, two or more engines are required, which in turn require gearboxes and clutches for power transmission to the propellers. As the diesel engines in the ship have to be in a line with the propeller shaft systems, this arrangement is not very flexible. A relatively large amount of space is also required for the exhaust system.

Diesel-electric propulsion

The space requirement for a diesel-electric variant with a three-phase current distribution is similarly high compared to the diesel-mechanical solution. The arrangement of the diesel engines is, however, independent of the shaft systems, yet the exhaust systems and electrical components for three-phase current distribution take up valuable space in the ship. In addition, it requires a complex control and automation system and leads to high costs for wiring.

The innovative E-PP concept

The E-PP consists of asynchronous generators, a comparatively space-saving cabinet system with modular high-performance converters, a common DC link and modular converters, which supply the general on-board network and control/propulsion systems. In contrast to the conventional systems shown above, the E-PP has a significant advantage in terms of its space-saving arrangement in the ship and, at the same time, it is less complex in terms of structure and application.

E-PP switchgear construction


Our innovative E-PP solution for the cabinet system has a space-saving layout and is designed for easy access during servicing. Our international manufacturing partners use almost exclusively standard components for construction, which have also been tried and tested in different industries.

Installation on board and cabling of the cabinet systems with the equipment on board are planned and monitored by our engineers and technicians.