Our history

Ever since the steam engine replaced the wind as a source of propulsion, on-board operation of ships has been “mechanical” in nature. Often a modern diesel engine is still a good choice for many types of vessels and applications. But electricity today has many excellent reasons to combine efficiency, economy and ecology in ship operation. These reasons motivated Peter Andersen in 2005 to found E-MS.


Peter Andersen founds E-MS e-powered marine solutions in Bremen


Already at this time, the graduate engineer specializing in electrical engineering has many valuable experiences and contacts in the shipbuilding supply industry.


Relocation to the Harburg inland port

E-MS moves to the maritime capital of Germany. Until today, Harburg, in the south of Hamburg, is known as a center of successful, strong growth, high-tech companies and as a start-up scene with many synergy effects.


The river cruise ship "Viking Legend" gets the first E-PP system

Start of a success story: The Electric Power Pack, E-PP for short, is still the most widespread product of E-MS. The E-PP enables ultra-precise regulation of all electrical energy used for the on-board network and propulsion – particularly for outputs with significant, dynamic fluctuations.


E-MS launches the E-RD system

E-MS is the first company in the world who presents the remote diagnostic system, E-RD for short, which is a highly integrated control, diagnosis and forecasting tool for ship operation. With the E-RD, E-MS developed a system, which enables shipping companies not only to collect extensive information about the status of all important assemblies on board, digitally and in real-time, but also to analyze this information methodically.

2011 - 2016

50 further Viking ships are constructed with the E-PP

The advantages of the E-PP on board of the “Viking Legend” have convinced the shipping company and shipyard so much that 50 further vessels are constructed with the power generation and supply system of E-MS. 


The E-PP is protected by a Europe-wide patent and E-MS launches the E-OP

As part of extensive research and development work, E-MS has developed the E-OP, a control system for optimized fuel consumption based on different loads and speeds.


E-MS launches the E-RS

In addition to new buildings, E-MS also focuses on the large and important market for existing ships. The retrofit solution, or E-RS for short, is the intelligent solution to operate conventional shaft generators on board existing ships efficiently again, even at low speeds.


Switchgear construction for E-PP components in 3D representation

In order to streamline the complex design of the control cabinet systems for the E-PP in cooperation with its partners and suppliers, E-MS relies on clear 3D displays for the first time.  The E-RD becomes protected under patent law.

2016 - 2019

Research vessels from Asia with the E-PP system

E-MS is successfully expanding into the important Asian shipbuilding market and equipping several innovative, large twin-hulled research vessels with the E-PP system.


The delivery of the "Sail Yacht A" caused a worldwide sensation

E-MS equipped the “Sail Yacht A” with the E-PP and E-RD. With this spectacular reference, E-MS succeeds in entering the world of mega yachts.


Crystal Cruises also relies on the E-PP

The success of the E-PP has spread quickly in the growing new market for river cruise ships. Four newbuildings in the highest luxury segment are fitted with the diesel-electric propulsion system from E-MS.


E-MS launches the S-PP for Scrubber

The new stricter environmental guidelines in maritime shipping are fueling a boom in the scrubber market. The first orders show how necessary the S-PP solution is: A Hamburg shipping company equips four of its large container ships with the S-PP. With this technology, E-MS not only facilitates retrofitting, but also the installation of scrubbers on new buildings.


E-MS becomes a member of the RENK Group

The business activities of e-powered marine solutions GmbH & Co. KG were sold to the RENK Aktiengesellschaft with effect from 1 July 2020 and will now operate under the name E-MS GmbH. As a 100% company of the RENK Aktiengesellschaft, E-MS GmbH will continue its business at the familiar and proven location in Hamburg. Together with the strong RENK Group – especially known for its outstanding propulsion solutions in the maritime sector – technically as well as economically convincing propulsion solutions will be realised in the future.


Change of Managing Director at E-MS

Founder Peter Andersen handed over the helm in the summer of 2021 to Christoph Fenske, who will take over the position as Managing Director at E-MS in addition to his position as Head of the Special Gear Units Division at RENK Group. All jobs and the office in Hamburg will be retained. The financial stability of the RENK Group will allow E-MS to offer not only engineering services in the future, yet also packages with hardware such as switchgear, electric motors and generators. Joint projects are being pursued in the mega yacht, research vessel, commercial ship and marine sectors.

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