Hamburg, Augsburg, April 26, 2022 – The merging of E-MS with the RENK Group continues to gain momentum and is fully on track with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) CO2 reduction targets. “RENK continues to develop on its way from a gear unit supplier to a comprehensive solution provider, especially in hybrid propulsion concepts.” reports Marine Division Manager Christoph Fenske. “At the same time, E-MS is expanding its range of ship types toward larger commercial vessels.”

Electrification as an important factor for more environmentally friendly shipping continues to advance. E-MS Hamburg site manager Dr.-Ing. Robert Banek’s focus here is on electrical on-board power supply solutions for multipurpose freighters (MPP) and reefer vessels, among others, but also on sophisticated marine utilities that place special demands on the power supply. “At the same time, of course, we continue to work the traditional market for megayachts or complex research vessels. And we were able to successfully implement the first projects, such as with the Sail Yacht “A”. “, says Banek.

The site manager sees a very concrete starting point for synergy effects in the innovative MARHY® hybrid drive concept from RENK: This allows the single-shaft drive train of a ship to be supplemented by a second drive system that is independent of the main engine. This power take home (PTH) system ensures maneuverability even in the event of a main engine failure by means of additional electric drive. And thus increases the safety of chemical tankers, for example. In addition, MARHY® can be used flexibly as a booster, i.e. for fuel-saving power increase in power take-in (PTI) mode, or as a generator for power generation in power take-off (PTO) mode. “Since the electric machine is operated in variable speed, this is where the proven E-PP system from E-MS ideally comes into play,” explains Banek.

The E-PP consists of the intelligent combination of innovative and at the same time proven components from various manufacturers based on power converter technology. “The E-PP ensures intelligent power generation and supply for the complete vehicle electrical system, especially for power that fluctuates dynamically and strongly,” Banek continues. “For power generation, we prefer to use asynchronous generators in combination with power converters and a common DC link.”

The big advantage here is that synchronization of the diesel generators, as with conventional three-phase supply systems, is not necessary. Banek: “The combustion engines for the generators, regardless of type, can be operated at any time and at any speed with their best possible efficiency according to the power requirement.” This results in significantly lower fuel consumption compared with conventional diesel drives, directly linked to reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. This is a very important argument for shipowners. RENK and E-MS can supply all the necessary products from a single source.

“Of course, the electricity for this has to come from somewhere,” says Banek: “Whether the generators are operated conventionally with diesel or alternatively with LNG, methanol or ammonia is irrelevant for the use of the E-PP, because the advantages already mentioned are always retained.” In addition, he adds, energy sources and storage systems that will continue to gain importance in the future (fuel cells, batteries or photovoltaic systems) can also be perfectly integrated into the E-PP.

In conjunction with the RENK Group’s wide range of propulsion products, Banek is also thinking about future-proofing, i.e. “clean”, equipment for offshore vessels such as island ferries with outputs of up to three megawatts per drive. “Together we can significantly increase the energy efficiency of these types of ships.”

And Fenske and Banek experience another advantage from the merging of E-MS and RENK: “Our customers get concentrated experience from a single source and don’t have to get involved in experiments!”

About E-MS: The engineering company, which is part of the RENK Group, specializes in the subject of electricity on board of ships. Customized concepts for the most economical and environmentally friendly power supply systems and on-board networks are the focus. Starting with the initial idea, through the definition of all systems and components and their development, the field of activity extends to the commissioning of the complete system.

About RENK Group: Headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, RENK Group is a globally leading manufacturer of high-quality transmissions, engines, hybrid drive systems, suspension systems, slide bearings, couplings and test systems. The group serves a wide range of end-markets with a particular focus on armored vehicles, defense and civil marine, power generation, plastics, oil & gas and others. With over 3,000 employees, RENK Group generates annual revenues of over USD 950 million.

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