Exactly ten years ago, in 2009, E-MS installed the first Electric Power Pack, E-PP for short, on the new rivcer cruise ship “Viking Legend”. This made it possible to regulate the required electrical energy with high precision, even with strongly fluctuating powerrequirements, as is the case with cruise liners. The E-PP is still the bestseller in the E-MS product portfolio today.

“In addition to the significantly lower fuel consumption compared to conventional Diesel-electric propulsion systems, we were able to convince our first customer with two further arguments that were almost even more important to him,” recalls E-MS founder and Managing Director Peter Andersen. “The system has a large space and weight advantage over conventional installations and ensures a significantly reduced noise level in the ship.” Space is a major criterion for profitability on passenger ships, especially on river cruise ships. The space gained by installing the E-PP could be used for four double cabins – “and no passenger has ever complained about a quiet drive and an almost inaudible ship,” Andersen smiles.

This initial installation was preceded by years of research and development work, which has paid offer for E-MS: “The advantages of the E-PP on board the “Viking Legend” have convinced the shipyard and shipping compnany so mich in partical operation that the more than 50 subsequent Viking river cruise vessels have now been equipped with it,” Andersen reports. A patent application for the system was filed in 2007 and finally granted in 2012. The success of the E-PP also made other river cruise companies sit up and take notice: For its entry into this growing market with initially four newbuildings in the luxury segment, the shipping company Crystal Cruises, which belongs to the Malaysian Genting Group, also relies in the competence of E-MS.

Speaking of Asia: The Hamburg-based engineering company is excellently networked in the world`s most important shipbuilding region through many partners. From 2016 to 2019, E-MS  equipped an innocative, large double-hulöl deep-sea research vessel with the E-PP. It was built at a Chinese shipyard. Also with this type of ship, the system alone can show ots advantages: Low weight, minimal space requirement and low noise level.

“But our flagship is and remains the spectacular “Sail Yacht A”, sais Andersen. The longest and one of the most expensive sailing yachts in the world at over 140 metres was built in Kiel, came into service at the end of 2015 and also has the E-PP on board. “With this great references we have succeeded in entering the world of mega yachts, ” Andersen continues. “Unfortunately, however, I am not allowed to report on any furhter projects, because this market differs from merchant shipping in at least one point, where shipyards and suppliers always have to say: Top secret!”

It is no secret, however, that E-MS has continued to expand its range of E-PP products and services, and has been just as successful, because “electricity offers many good reasons for combining efficiency, economy and ecology in ship operation,” Andersen is convinced.