E-MS provides propulsion engineering for a deep-sea research vessel

The Hamburg-based company E-MS e-powered marine solutions – in close cooperation with its Chinese project partners of SFHI – has completed its first project in China. E-MS carried out the complete electrical design and engineering of the innovative diesel-electric power supply and propulsion system for the complex research vessel „Shen Kuo“, which is currently under commissioning in China. Production, testing and commissioning has been carried out very successfully by SFHI.

“Decisive for the award of the contract was a solution developed by us, already tried and tested for the power supply of electrical propulsion systems on board,” reports E-MS CEO Peter Andersen. “It is ideal for use on research vessels and has already proven itself on river cruise ships and mega yachts.”

The “Shen Kuo” is powered by two permanently excited electric motors with a capacity of 1.000 kW each. The necessary energy is provided by four diesel generators. In comparison to conventional on-board supply networks, the E-PP (electric power pack) network and propulsion technology developed by and patented for E-MS offers high-precision control of utilization of electrical energy. “This means that we can operate the generators with variable speed and use the entire speed range of diesel engines,” explains Andersen. “This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also pollutant emissions and structure borne vibrations especially in the case of electrical outputs with marked dynamic fluctuations.”

Another important advantage is the smaller space requirement of the “E-PP”: The engineers of SFHI have calculated that the solution of E-MS on board of the “Shen Kuo” saves ​​about 11 square meters and a weight of nearly 12 tons in comparison to a conventional Diesel electric system. “This argument has particularly impressed shipyard and client, because space on board of research vessels is always very rare,” says Andersen.

The team of E-MS in cooperation with SFHI has not only developed the electrical part of the two main propulsion systems, but also the complete technology of the power generation and power distribution system on board of the “Shen Kuo”. They were also responsible for the electrical and mechanical plans and 3D design drawings, which are required for the production of the converter system by SFHI. Based on these documents, the shipyard and client ordered the electrical machines from SFHI directly.

The “Shen Kuo” is being built at the shipyard Zhejiang Shipbuilding Tianshi. Client is a consortium of two Chinese maritime service – the Tehe Ocean Technology Group and the Shanghai Rainbow Fish Ocean Technology. They will charter the SWATH-built vessel to marine research institutes. The water displacement of the 64,20 meters long, 22,60 meters wide and 5,70 meters deep catamaran is 2.060 tons.