The Hamburg-based engineering office e-powered marine solutions, E-MS, is presenting two innovatives at SMM. The Electric Power Pack (E-PP) enables precise control of the entire electrical energy input for on-board power supply and drive – especially for vessels on which services fluctuate dynamically and heavily, such as cruise or sepcial ships. The E-PP consists of a combination of proven components from various manufacturers based on converter technology. The E-PP can also be controlled much faster than a conventional system as the generators can take over the load within a few seconds, as no time for synchronisation is needed. 

With the modular Remote Diagnostics System (E-RD), the company is bringing the „Internet of Things“ on board ship. It enables many innovative and cost-saving applications via remote diagnostics and condition maintenance to the prognosis of faults and operating states of all onboard units on the basis of recorded and analysed data. The entire oepration of the fleet can be easily and efficiently optimised from land.

Managing Director Peter Andersen announced at the fair: „E-MS has won E-RD service contracts for two cruise vessels belonging to a major cruise shipping company which has a requested confidentiality. We are expecting more contracts in the near future. We will use these reports for further analysis and will then be in a position to provide the customer with topics such as how fuel savings can be achieved and the optimisation of maintenance intervals for components through uniform utilisation to reduce costs. The reporting periods can, for example, be changed to individual ship voyages so that direct comparison can be made. Alternatively, we can generate them on a weekly basis. We are flexible here and can tailor the service according to the customer`s wishes. Fault analyses will be an essential component for shipping companies in the future. The recorded data takes into account for example power generation, power consumption and different operating modes. The systems are suitable for both newbuildings and retrofits. Remote diagnostics turns standard ships into smart ships.“


Top: Comparison between a conventional diesel-electric propulsion system and the E-PP. Bottom: The E-PP features a DC bus with a high degree of flexibility on both sides, for the electric power generation as well as for the consumers.