HANSA 09/2016


hansa_redaktion-1Environmental performance and maximum economy viability at the same time characterize the network topologies developed by E-MS, e-powered marine solutions Hamburg. These are designed for ships of all sizes and types as well as for offshore installations.

Abandoning the synchronization of the generators of auxiliary power units and their operation with variable drive guarantee the best utilization and lowest life cycle costs. Combustion engines operate with the respective best efficiency depending on the load at any time. This saves considerable amounts of fuel and reduces harmful emissions. The E-MS portfolio also encompasses a start-stop system for auxiliary power units which saves additional operating costs and a diagnostic system to monitor the power generation and the operation of all electrical consumers on board. Thereby a basis for a condition-based maintenance is defined.

The advantages of such systems and ideas have also impressed in Asia and led to projects for two Chinese research vessels which are currently being realized. Other orders are related to the equipment of river cruise ships for a new customer. Thus, the order backlog has evolved so recently that an adjustment of capacity and thus a relocation has become necessary. The company› s new offices are unchanged in the region of Harburg harbor, at Schellerdamm, not far from the previous location.