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E-MS, e-powered marine solutions GmbH & Co., Hamburg, will present on the SMM 2014 a state-of-the-art of electrical network-topologies on board of ships and offshore-platforms. During the last years the company has developed diesel- and gas-electric power supply and propulsion solutions, with which the combustion-engines can be operated with variable speed, without having to synchronize the generators. Thus operating points of the combustion engines , which were not available so far, can now load-dependent be used with the best possibly efficiency. Beyond that, the compamy introduces a start-stop-function for onboard generator sets, as it is used with on-road vehicles already for a long time. Considering electric power generation onboard ship, both E-MS developed solutions together lead to fuel savings up to 12%. To optimize the installations, E-MS presents a diagnosis-system of own development, with which the continuous real time monitoring of all appliances and plant stake place. Beyond diagnosis and optimization this system will in future lead to on-condition maintenance and prognoses oft he behaviour of plants.