E-MS engineers are specialized and experienced in innovative and environmentally friendly diesel-electric ship networks and propulsion systems. Compared with conventional systems, the solutions offer fuel-saving possibilities up to 12 percent. The concepts developed are applicable for almost all types of ships and offshore applications. Their compact design leads to distinct space and weight savings, thus increasing cargo hold and/or operating range.

If you are looking for low life-cycle costs of your next ship e-ms offers comprehensive qualified consultancy for electric power generation and distribution – starting with the first idea via construction until commissioning and operation.

E-MS News:

E-MS optimises onboard electric network for scrubber use

Successful entry into scrubber technology – retrofitting of four container ships Hamburg, February 2019 – The Hamburg-based engineering company E-MS, e-powered marine solutions has developed a standardised solution for the complex job of supplying power to scrubbers...

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E-MS setzt verstärkt auf Frauen-Power

Female-powered solutions – E-MS setzt verstärkt auf Frauen-Power Februar 2019 – Frauen, auch in Teilzeit, haben großes Potenzial, den Fachkräftemangel in der maritimen Wirtschaft zu lindern. So auch bei E-MS: Nach Saskia (26), Ingenieurin für Chemie und Umwelttechnik,...

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Ein Geben und Nehmen mit Vorteilen für alle

Saskia Andersen arbeitet im Hamburger Ingenieurbüro E-MS erfolgreich als Projektmanagerin in Teilzeit Dass die Frauen das Geschlechterverhältnis auf einer maritimen Fachveranstaltung für sich entscheiden, hat immer noch Seltenheitswert. Nicht jedoch auf der jüngsten...

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E-MS | The silent engineering

The silent engineering.

Ship network and propulsion solutions with unique innovative features.

is the core element of electric power generation and supply on board a ship for the entire network – independent of voltage and frequency – and the electric ship propulsion, consisting of a common DC bus combined with generator and consumer corresponding converters.