erd   |    Remote Diagnostics

img-title-whiteE-RD collects operating data from a lot of systems on board a vessel, such as the complete power generation plant as well as all consumers. The variety of different data sources allows for a multitude of different visualizations and reports correlating data from different sources. The evaluation of the data can be carried out at any desired location on board or via internet connection at the ship-owner office or at the services of E-MS involving the supplier of relevant subsystems.

Real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics are the prerequisites to realize at any time how a ship network performs.

In case of faults it is of greatest importance to know exactly why and where a defect occurred. The E-RD helps by providing all information needed to get the full picture.

As the E-PP – the electric power pack – is characterized by a high degree of integration E-MS engineers were motivated from the very beginning to develop special equipment to collect as much information as possible about the status of the onboard systems and all major components.  The result is E-RD – a device for collecting operational data of ship networks and propulsion systems, allowing not only to view the data but also to analyze it with a wealth of methods. Real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics are only the first steps.

The next steps are under development as there are fully automated prognosis of faults and future operating conditions as well as on-condition maintenance.

To optimize the performance of onboard systems is one important task but to obtain an equipment to predict the evolution of operating parameters over time goes far beyond. The step from preventive to on-condition maintenance is only a consistent decision.


  • identification of system faults without being on board
  • reduced response time
  • observation of long-term trends
  • fast decisions to overcome faults
  • prediction of measures against faults
  • avoidance of critical system conditions

img-title-whiteOn the basis of a remote monitoring system, the modular nature of the E-RD allows for a number of applications, such as remote diagnostics, on-condition maintenance, operational optimizations, up to prognosis of faults and operating conditions based on the data recorded and analyzed. The ultimate goal is a fuel-efficient and highly reliable operation and reduction of life-cycle costs.